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Why choose St.Bruno School?

Our Commitment to Faith!


At Saint Bruno, faith is an integral part of our curriculum. We find various ways to incorporate faith into your child’s education so that they can gain a deeper sense of their Catholic identity. This is accomplished through daily prayers in the classroom, and also coming together as a school community to worship God. Through our faith-based education, we instill students with values of compassion, kindness, and service towards others. Ultimately, this will transform them into benevolent leaders who will be an asset to the world.

Our Proven Academic Success!


We understand that in today’s world a strong academic preparation is necessary in order for your child to be a successful adult. At Saint Bruno, we are proud of our educational achievement, as demonstrated by our Terra Nova scores. Our students generally get placed into competitive high schools, such as St Ignatius, IB program at Curie, and St. Lawrence to name a few. The education that they receive at St. Bruno enables them to be successful irregardless of the career path they choose.

We also offer a variety of programs in order to help your child reach their fullest potential academically. CPAA is a diagnostic program of literacy and math skills which enables teachers to make better judgments about assessing students’ skills, thus facilitating their instruction to better serve their needs. Scholastic bowls are a fun way to provide your child with an intellectually stimulating environment. Various awards such as STEM scholars, recipients’ award, and VFW Shining Star Award are also provided, further motivating your child to tap into their full potential.

At St. Bruno, we are blessed with dedicated teachers and staff who are passionate about their job. They go above and beyond to make sure that students have a good grasp on the curriculum. Students learn in a nurturing environment that invokes a family-like atmosphere. Our teachers take the time to get to know the students and recognize each one’s gifts, talents, and challenges.

To better prepare students for high school and college we provide a research-centered curriculum. Students will learn how to efficiently utilize information sources available to them giving them an edge compared to their peers in high school and college.

Nuturing & Safe Environment


Safety is our number one priority here and we know that children learn best in a place where they feel cared for. At Saint Bruno, we actively work to create a family-like environment as much as possible. This makes the children love the school thus making them more eager to learn. As seen in the video, we like to honor and celebrate their birthdays.

Advanced Technology Education!


In today’s world, we understand that technology plays a vital part. This is why we incorporate it in our curriculum to aid students in their learning and to help them acquire digital literacy skills. All classrooms are equipped with active boards, which make the material more interactive and engaging for the students. Furthermore, we also have a mobile I-pad station, and laptop centers in Prek-3rd grade. In order to facilitate children’s learning skills and help them gain various computer skills, we provide a weekly computer lab class.

Early Childhood Education!


At Saint Bruno, we understand that a love of learning starts early. This is why we provide your child with an exceptional education right at the start, giving them the necessary foundation for academic success throughout their lives. We strive to provide your child with an individualized attention by setting our classroom cap at 20. To ensure, that your child is receiving personalized attention, we also have full time classroom aids. At Saint Bruno, children also have access to an exceptional reading program called SuperKids used in grades K-2nd. This is a tremendous aid for them providing them with great literacy skills. Furthermore, we also provide math programs to give them a strong start in math as well, through integrated center-based math programs.

Extended Day Care & Sports


To better serve the needs of working parents, St. Bruno also provides Extended Day Care. The hours for this are in the morning from 7:00AM-7:50AM and in the afternoon from 2:35PM-6:00PM. This is also a great time for students to develop in other areas of their life. For example, they can learn many skills one of which is team-work through our great Sports Program, where they can participate in Soccer, Basketball, or Volleyball. Also, children can pursue various interests in clubs such as Mathletes, CSI, Cooking/Crafts, and Zumba. Homework help is also available to enable them a successful academic experience.

Quality Education, Affordable Tuition!


We understand that finances might be a question on your mind when deciding to enroll your child in a Catholic school. However, financial assistance is available for those who qualify. We are blessed with the help of our patrons from Big Shoulders Fund and other organizations who provide a variety of scholarships. Furthermore, Free/Reduced Lunch is also available to families who qualify. A Catholic education CAN be affordable!